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      Blood Bag (CPDA Solution)
Technical requirements

1Bag body is blank or yellowish and no obvious foreign substance, speckle or air bubble can be seen. 2 The inner and out side of the blood bag must be smooth and conglutination will not happen during sterilization and store stage. 3 Thermal sealing line of the blood bag must be transparent and even. 4 The surface of the inner and out side of the blood collection tube and transfer tube must be smooth and clean. No obvious stripe, kink or shriveled spots can be seen. 5 When the transfer bag is filled with 50kPa pressed air, the air in it will not leave off in 15s. 6 There will be no permanent deformation happened when the blood collection bag is centrifuged at 4degree and 37degree at 5000g for 30min. 7 No friction or leakage will happen when the connection parts of the blood bag body bears 20N static pull for 15s. 8 The blood bag is sterile and has no pyrogen. Hemolysis rate must be less than 5%. It will not induce acute systemic toxicity. There is no mold growth. The proliferation of L-929 cell strain must be not less than 2 and it will not induce intracutaneous irritation.

Blood Bag,Blood Collection Tube  
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