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      KDL Multi-Configuration Disposable Blood Collection Bags
Blood Bag
The disposable plastic blood collection bags of the company which are made of PVC materials include variety kinds of type, such as single, double, triple and so on. These blood bags are provided for blood center and hospital.

The blood collection bag consists of combined blood collection needle, blood collection tube, transfer tube, twistable spike port, blood collection bag, tansfer bag, breakable rod and anticoagulant solution. They are sterilize, non toxic, non pyrogentic.

The transfer bag consists of plastic spike needle, transfer tube and plastic bag.

Products can be used for blood anticoagulant in the process of blood transfusion or blood save. The anticoagulant solution is transparent liquid. After blood collection, the single and double bags are used for blood filtering and whole blood storage. The type of anticoagulant solution is CPDA, which can be preserved for 35days under 2~6 degrees C.

By blood collected the multi-bag is applicable to clinical blood transfusion, as well as to separating blood components suitable for the crowd.

Product Features
Blood collection needles
-needles modular sets, which is convenient for use and storage.
Breakable rod
-makes the blood component separation operation easy and safe.
Twistable spike port
-brings operational clinical transfusion safety, convenience.
Unique tube numbers
-never overlapped marking technology, which provides blood samples to facilitate control
Calendering processed blood collection bags
-good uniformity of bag's film, which can reduce the damage of centrifugation and cryopreservation.
-based on customer needs, and provide special processing services

Products implementing the standards
ISO3826.1: 2003E

Blood Bag,Blood Collection Tube  
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