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Product Description

Twist Lancet is designed with the goals of providing a safe and easy to achieve capillary blood sampling.
ISO13485: 2003 CE0434 FDA
Product Features / Benefits:
Maximum protection:
Single use only, sterilized by gamma irradiation, needle protected by safety cap.
Minimum discomfort:
Smooth tri-bevel point, electro-polished, silicone covered needle for reduced penetration force
Versatile: Fits most standard lancing devices
Convenient: Easy to grip, easy to use dispensing boxes.

Reorder#     Product   Specification       Package
APTL-10321     Twist Lancet(TL)        21g       100pcs/box, 10000 pcs/case,  20000pcs/case, 200pcs/box 20000pcs/case
APTL-10323       23g
APTL-10326       26g
APTL-10328       28g
APTL-10330       30g
APTL-10333       33g
Special size and package are available, OEM designs are welcomed

Blood Bag,Blood Collection Tube  
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